Cumberland Cannabis – 1G Cannabis Pre-Roll


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Cumberland Cannabis Co. 1 Gram Cannabis Pre-Roll

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Banana Kush, Black Widow, Blue Dream, Blueberry Muffin, Bruce Banner, Cinex, Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Mysore Mango, Northern Lights, Runtz, Sherbert, Tangerine Dream, Wedding Cake, Apples and Banana, Banana Skittels, Cookies & Cream, Dump Truck, God's Gift, Kush Mint, Purple Patel


Wedding Cake-COA


Banana Skittles COA

Dump Truck Coa

Kush Mint Coa

Granddaddy Purple Coa

Cookies & Cream Coa

Apples & Banana Coa

Purple Patel COA 2023

Bruce Banner COA 2023

Girl Scout Cookies COA 2023

Granddaddy Purple Coa

Northern Lights COA 2023

Black Widow COA 2023

Cinex COA 2023

MySore Mango COA 2023

Tangerine Dream COA 2023

Banana Kush COA 2023

Blue dream coa 2023


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